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Agata Rudnicka, President of the Foundation, spoke as an expert in Poland’s first social report of non-governmental organization (Responsible Business Forum) and in the social report for Totalizator Sportowy.

Janusz Reichel, from the Council of the Foundation, participated in the work of the jury in the competition within the project „CSR – the way to innovate,” whose Foundation is one of the patrons.

On the 17th of March, the Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility of Universities was held at the University of Warsaw. Janusz Reichel chaired the whole event. In addition, Agata Rudnicka, the Chairwoman of CSR and education working group at the Panel on Corporate Social Responsibility operating at the Ministry of Economy, co-organized the whole event.

Faculty of Management, University of Lodz in cooperation with the CSR Impact Foundation organized the International scientific conference „Beyond Business as Usual. CSR Trends”. Conference was held in Lodz on 20th and 21st of June 2013. The event covered the latest trends and phenomena in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. The event was attended by 35 participants. During the event, 26 papers have been presented, including 16 papers from the foreign guests (Germany, Canada, Spain, Turkey, India and other countries). Especially for the conference, the website www.csrtrends.eu has been designed, containing the information about the first edition of the event. In 2014 the next CSR Trends conference is planned.

The Foundation co-organized the plenary session at the European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2013 on the role of responsible leadership (13-14.11.2013).

On the 5th of December, the meeting with Dariusz Paczkowski was held and it has been devoted to the issue of socially engaged street art. Dariusz Paczkowski is a social activist, founder and contributor to many NGO’s. Currently, co-chairman of the Foundation KLAMRA, graffiti artist, street artist/3FALA.ART.PL, performer, organizer of cultural life, coordinator of the nationwide campaigns for democracy and human rights. The co-organizer of the meeting was the Social Cooperative Issa.

Thanks to the Courtesy of the Faculty of Management of the University of Łódź CSR Impact Foundation together with the Centrum CSR Foundation organized a seminar (16/12/2013) called: (Ir)responsibility of the clothing industry. During the seminar invited guests of the Georgian Trade Union Confederation, talked about socio-economic situation in Georgia and working conditions in the Georgian sewings. The event was accompanied by an exhibition titled „Dirty profit”.

In the last quarter of 2013, the Foundation launched a project called ‘Active citizens for responsible fashion’. Project supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union. The project „Active citizens for responsible fashion” is the first in Poland innovative and organized action for the promotion of alternative fashion. The main aim is to raise public awareness on social and environmental problems associated with functioning of the clothing industry. The project involves actions designed to encourage and reinforce more aware purchasing decisions. The main activity of the project is a nationwide web portal altmoda.pl.


The second CSR Day in Lodz The event was addressed to business representatives, NGOs and all who are interested in social responsibility issues. The main aim of the seminar was to present the issues related to business- NGOs cooperation. The meeting was the opportunity to talk about the challenges faced by partners involved in cooperation. We invited organizations which succeed in intersectoral cooperation to present good practice and share their experiences about fruitful relationships.

We have patronage on “Polska, naturalnie” project. INSPRO Foundation is originator and performer of the project. The main aim of the project is promotion of ecotourism at the area of Eastern Poland. We invite you on website: www.polskanaturalnie.pl. Polska naturalnie is financed by the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

About CSR on European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2012 We had the opportunity to present our Foundation during European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2012. Additionally Agata Rudnicka has presented about Greenwashing on the seminar “Corporate Social Responsibility as a tool of building strong brands”. Janusz Reichel discussed the issues related to responsible consumption during the panel devotes to food and agriculture industry.

We have the patronage on „CSR a way to innovation” project „CSR a way to innovation” is a innovatory project run by Agencja Rozwoju Innowacji, Dolnośląski Związek Pracodawców, powiat legnicki and GoodBrand company from Great Britain. The main objective of the project is to create a business model solutions for the implementation of corporate social responsibility, which will strengthen the innovation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. More information you will find here: www.innowacjecsr.eu

CSR Day in Lodz CSR Impact Foundation, Responsible Business Forum and the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz invited to the presentation of „CSR Report. Responsible Business in Poland 2011. Best Practices.”
Lodz CSR Day is an event aimed at business, government, NGOs and all interested in issues related to social responsibility. Participants extended their knowledge of one of the most discussed currently standards on social responsibility ISO 26000 guidelines. Business representatives shared with participants CSR good practices The meeting was the great opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge of action for social responsibility.

Piramid2012 – Think globalny, Act locallly – what we can do together for sustainable development of Lodz
POLAND: Faculty of Management University of Lodz
Organizers: Agata Rudnicka, Faculty of Management University of Lodz, Foundation CSR Impact

At the 19th of March at the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz in cooperation with the Foundation CSR Impact group of 30 students of management, logistics and environmental protection under the supervision of three employees of the Faculty of Management built two pyramids of sustainable development.
The theme of the pyramid was a personal contribution as well as academic community contribution to the sustainable development of Lodz. Students have the opportunity to discuss topics related to sustainable development in Lodz. They analyzed the current situation and possible consequences for the future. Identified problems and causes, which could potentially induced them were used to develop ideas that will help to develop sustainable growth of Lodz.
Students were nearly unanimous in choosing the most necessary solutions: facilitating entrepreneurship development and promotion of the city, both by public authorities and NGOs, students and residents themselves.
In addition, at the end of the event eager students completed personal declarations on sustainable development. They committed to: „promote the idea of sustainable development in local communities”, „buy local products,” „change of lifestyle and lower the consumption”, „segregation of waste” and „promotion of the city”.


6th October 2011 the conference on Consumers Responsibility organised by the Marshal’s Office (Urząd Marszałkowski) in Łódz, Wojewódzki Inspektorat Inspekcji Handlowej in Łódz and Izba Celna in Łódz. During the conference participants had the opportunity to get aquainted with organizations that work on consumers’ rights and promote the idea of corporate social responsibility. We presented some activities of Polish Green Network (Polska Zielona Sieć) in the area of dissemination of responsible consumption.

10th-17th September 2011 6th Polish Forum for Non-Governmental Initiatives Coworkers of our Foundation took part in two panels: „CSR versus greenwashing. The role of ecological organisations in greening business” (Janusz Reichel) and „Social reporting in non-governmentaql organizations – why?” (Agata Rudnicka). More information about the Forum you can find here: http://engofip.itlab.nazwa.pl/

5th September 2011 Shared Responsibility. How to increase visibility and effectiveness of the EU CSR framework We were present on this important CSR conference in Gdansk. The conference was organized by Ministry of Economy in cooperation with Responsible Business Forum and was part of Polish Presidency events. „The participants analysed the experience of public administration bodies, as well as social and economic partners in the field of CSR promotion. They also looked at how the EU economic policy should be developed on the basis of CSR and sustainable development principles.” More on http://polskaprezydencjacsr.eu/en

25th May 2011 CSR – not only for the biggest companies We were the partner of conference dedicated to CSR in SME. The conference gave opportunity to discuss main challenges in the area of implementation of the concept of CSR into SME and present good practices in this topic. The event was organized by the Marshal’s Office (Urząd Marszałkowski) in Łódz.

24th May 2011 meeting for representatives of NGOs organized by the governor of Łódzkie Voivodeship and the Marshal of Marshal’s Office (Urząd Marszałkowski) in Łódz. The meeting was devoted to cooperation between public administration and NGOs. During this event representative of our foundation presented our publication: How to prepare the programme of cooperation between NGO and business. The brochure was a result of project financed by LOB.

1st April 2011 we became the partner of the Szkoła Zielonych Liderów (Green Leaders School) run by Centrum Promocji Ekorozwoju. The project is addressed to young people from Wielkopolska region who are interested in promotion of sustainable development in their everyday activities.


6th-7th December 2010 European Economic Forum – Łódzkie 2010 We are a partner of regional authorities (Urząd Marszałkowski) that organised this event. In 2010 the Forum is devoted to social responsibility issues. Our staff serves as experts during a panel on Social responsibility effectiveness and during the whole event. The separete panel on Promoting CSR by public authorities was designed and prepared by us.

18th November 2010 Conference on ISO26000 CSR Impact and the Faculty of Management, University of Łódź, prepared short conference to promote ISO26000 guidance. Representatives from business, NGOs and public sector organisations were invited.

17th November 2010 Global Education at the Faculty of Management , University of Łódź, prepared together by ODE Źródła and CSR Impact. Main topic: Fair Trade (lectures, films and workshops).

25th-27th October 2010 Professor Jan Jonker’s visit at the Faculty of Management, University of Łódź, gave us an opportunity to discuss about sustainability issues (open lecture) and possible collaboration.

19th and 26th October 2010 Workshop „Polish roots of social entrepreneurship” prepared by Janusz Reichel within the project lead by „Obywatele obywatelom” Assosiation. The workshop took place at the Faculty of Management, University of Łódź. During the meeting activity of one of a local cooperative was presented and its member gave a speech. This was an excellent opportunity to discuss the cooperative tradition of Edward Abramowski’s heritage. Coo-financed by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy under the (so called) FIO scheme.

Business Ethics Education Workshop 27th-28th August 2010 We were participants of the 2nd International Workshop on Business Ethics Education. The workshop took place in Warsaw School of Economics. A cooperation was launched during the first meeting in January this year in Berlin (link). Now the team consists of Business Ethics scientists and academic teachers from Poland, Germany, Canada, USA and Austria. Business ethics education in different social and economic contexts were discussed as well as future collaboration and projects.

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